NEW Tempuflo High Temperature Water Series

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The HTW 300.

The HTW 300.



MP Pumps has expanded its popular Tempuflo® centrifugal line to include pumps designed specifically for Hot Water applications. The Patented Tempuflo HTW Series joins the HTO series, by offering four models ranging from 1 HP to 20 HP.

The HTW series provides a self-aligning compact installation with an integral air-cooled heat exchanger and seal chamber. Specifically designed for high temperature process manufacturing applications using hot water, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and triethylene glycol.

The isolator technology combined with the heat exchanger allows the seal cavity to reach a maximum temperature of 190°F (88°C) while the process temperature is at 400°F (204°C). The lower seal temperature greatly increase seal life, resulting in less down time for the end user.

The HTW80 and HTW120 offer pressures to 135 Head Feet with flows to 90 and 195 GPM respectfully. These two models are available with either NPT or Flat Flange port options.

The HTW 180 model has the maximum pressure capability of 162 head feet and flows to 320 GPM. The HTW300 model can achieve 190 head feet with maximum flow capacity of 500 GPM when operating at the standard 3450 RPM. Both models are only available with Flat Flanges.

More Information on the HTW 80

More Information on the HTW 120

More Information on the HTW 180

More Information on the HTW 300


New Addition to Tempuflo Line

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New Addition to Tempuflo Line

On Monday July 27th MP Pumps will introduce a new addition to the Tempuflo line: the HTW.  This patented pump is designed to stay cool while transferring water based fluids up to 400°F. The HTW is designed for high temperature manufacturing applications using water, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and triethylene glycol. Pump will be available in four models with a maximum capacity of 500 gallons per minute and a maximum head of 190 feet.

Join us for an informational webinar presented by MP Pump’s chief Engineer Jason McClaran. Two sessions will be held on July 27th.

Sign up for 11AM Session Sign up for 2PM Session


HHLF Part of Historical Restoration

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 Pump Systems with the MP Pumps HHLF.

Gus Kuntz and Jay Baum from Pump Systems with the MP Pumps HHLF.

The PT boat was an integral player in WWII.  These small boats were armed with torpedoes big enough to sink large warships. They were also FAST (for the time) PT boats could reach up to 46 miles per hour. The Mark 8 torpedoes, boat speed and the tenacity of the United States Navy made these boats very formidable.

MP Pumps is no stranger to PT boats. In 1942 MP was founded with the intention of manufacturing bilge pumps for the U.S. Navy. Since then, we have expanded into many different pump lines that serve many different industries.

Recently MP got back to its roots. The National WWII Museum in New Orleans has taken on the challenge of restoring PT-305. In 1942 our pump would have been in the bilge on the boat. Today, MP Pumps, working together with Pump Systems, has donated an HHLF for the fire system on PT 305.

PT-305 has been through a lot. This boat was commissioned in 1943 and assigned to the Mediterranean. During its time in service it participated in the invasion of Elba and sank German and Italian boats.   After the war this boat was modified to be used for oysters on the Chesapeake Bay. In 2001 it was given to the National WWII museum to be restored. After restoration everything but the weapons on the PT boat will be fully functional.

Before the PT boat is placed in its permanent position at the National WWII Museum, it will have one last run on Lake Pontchartrain. This project honors the history of both our country and our company. We are immensely proud to be a part of this historical restoration.


This diagram shows what PT-305 will look like when fully restored.


One of the first advertisements that MP Pumps ever ran. This ad highlighted our product in amphibious landers.


2014 Applications Webinar Contest!

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A big congratulations to Jenny at Pump Biz on winning the MP Pump’s Applications Webinar contest! Jenny works in Sales at Pump Biz. She has been a great employee at Pump Biz for over 10 years.  Jenny plans on using her $100 Visa giftcard to take her fellow employees out to lunch. Congratulations Jenny! Thank you for being an MP Pump’s customer!

The Winner!

$100 richer!

A big thank you also to everyone who participated! Keep checking your email for more exciting contests and news from MP Pumps!

MP Pumps at the 2014 APTA Expo!

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MP Pumps was an exhibitor at the 2014 American Public Transportation Association Expo! MP Pumps partnered with Muncie Transit Supply to show off our line of transportation circulators. Proudly showcased were the MP MDX, ILX and SBX. A big thank you to all of our customers who visited MP Pumps at our booth! We also owe a big thank you to the Muncie Transit Staff for putting on such a great booth!

APTA expo

Click here for Information about our Transportation Pumps

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DEF Pumps

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Pumps

MP Pumps Diesel Exhaust Fluid Pumps

A brief introduction to DEF

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a urea solution made with deionized water. DEF is used in selective catalytic reduction in order to lower NOx concentration in diesel exhaust. This is more efficient than a catalytic converter. It does not negatively impact MPG, or engine performance.

If you like chemistry:

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is injected into the exhaust pipeline of a diesel truck. The DEF solution vaporizes into ammonia, and carbon dioxide. These react with the NOx in the exhaust, reducing the NOx into water and nitrogen. Water and Nitrogen are both harmless to the environment and can be safely released through the trucks exhaust. The whole reaction takes place outside the trucks engine. This is what makes Diesel Exhaust Fluid so efficient. Because the reaction takes place in the exhaust pipe, DEF can provide up to 5% better fuel economy in diesel engines.

Okay, but how does this impact me?

The Environmental Protection Agency diesel emission mandates that the U.S cut diesel emissions. This applies to highway diesel emissions, marine diesel emissions, and agricultural equipment diesel engines. DEF cuts emissions without sacrificing performance, making a clear choice when striving to meet EPA regulations.

Why MP Pumps?

MP Pumps produces a variety of stainless steel pumps that are ideal for DEF transfer. Stainless steel is ideal for transferring Diesel Exhaust Fluid. While the product is not toxic it can corrode some metals. MP Pumps has a proven track record of success with DEF. Below you will see our Stainless Steel FLOMAX on an Oilman’s DEF transport truck.


Our stainless steel line is a dependable, durable DEF solution.

Our DEF Line:

Click on any of the pictures below for more information.









MP Pumps Photo Contest

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We want to see your pumps in action!

Send us a picture for the chance to win $1000 off your next order!

Upload a photo here of an MP Pump in use with a description of what the pump is doing :[fu-upload-form]

Please include the name of the photographer, and an email address where you would like to be contacted. Entries will close on September 2nd so get those photos in! Photo Contest Winner will be notified by email.

Photo Contest rules:

The picture should be of a pump that is currently in use.

Attached to the email of the photo should be a brief description of what the pump is doing in the photo.

The email should also contain the name of the photographer.

The picture should not have any people or personal effects in it.

The picture should be in JPEG or PNG format

The picture should be at least 300 pixels per inch

An example:


Look at this beauty! I wish we could award the prize to our own photographs!

Here comes the legal jargon:

By submitting a photo to this contest you are testifying that you are above age in your respective country. You also signify that it is okay for us to use your picture on our website, and in other publications. The photograph must have been taken by you, and must not infringe on the copyrights of another entity. The photograph must not contain obscene or provocative content.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact Us! 


Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps

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The industry standard in 316 stainless steel. The perfect pump for your fluid handling needs.

This pump can handle abrasive fluids. 316 stainless steel centrifugal pump ready for your toughest liquids.

The FRX is a high performance 316 stainless steel circulator pump.


Featured Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps:

FM30 centrifugal pump in stainless steel

The FLOMAX Stainless Steel

series has been an industry standard since the 1950’s. This self-priming  stainless steel centrifugal pump is cast in 316 stainless steel and has options available up to 480 GPM, with maximum pressure up to 190 TDH. The FLOMAX series can lift liquids up to 25 feet above the source. Is this the right pump for your needs? Click here for more information

Chemflo 1 enclosed stainless steel centrifugal pump

The CHEMFLO Stainless Steel

series of pumps are built for tough liquids. Liquids that are corrosive, and hard to handle are perfect for this tough stainless steel centrifugal pump.  The CHEMFLO series is investment cast in 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. Options available with up to 500 GPM, with maximum pressure up to 430 TDH. Is this the right pump for your needs? Click here for more information

FRX 75 stainless steel centrifugal pump

The FRX Stainless Steel

is perfect for situations where you don’t have a lot of room for the pump, but don’t want to sacrifice pumping power.  The FRX series of pumps is a small stainless steel centrifugal pump that gets the job done. Our FRX is available in both, self-priming, and end suction models. Close coupled drives available with both AC and DC electric motors as well as hydraulic driven motors. Options available up to 75 gallons per minute, with maximum pressure up to 87 TDH. Is this the right pump for your needs? Click here for more information