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CHEMFLO® 3 Enclosed

2" x 1-1/2" End Suction Centrifugal Pump with Enclosed Impeller

CHEMFLO<SUP>&reg;</SUP> 3 Enclosed

MP Pumps has re-designed the Chemflo® 3 housing allowing for the acceptance of both a semi-open and enclosed impeller. The enclosed impeller improves pump efficiency over the semi-open impeller making it an ideal option when pumping fluids without large solids. Maximum solids should not exceed .25 diameter.

All wetted components are 316 investment cast stainless steel providing superior corrosion resistance when pumping chemical compounds.  The Chemflo® 3 is adaptable for close coupling to both 56C 145TC and 184C NEMA frame electric motors. Pedestal (Bare Shaft) mounting is available for long-coupling. The Chemflo® 3 is also available with the MP Hy-Speed hydraulic motor.

If ordering a pumpak with a 145TC please note that the electric motor must have a base. 

Download Data Sheet PDF Download Data Sheet PDF
Suction and Discharge 2" x 1-1/2" NPT
Materials of Construction 316 stainless steel
Flow 160 GPM
Head Feet 98 TDH
Impeller 5.25" enclosed, cast 316 SS
Drive Options Close coupled 145TC
Close coupled 184C
Close coupled 56C
PumPAK® (without motor)
Seal Special seal material combinations available (consult factory)
Standard carbon / ceramic / Viton
CHEMFLO<SUP>®</SUP> 3 Enclosed

CHEMFLO<SUP>®</SUP> 3 Enclosed

CHEMFLO<SUP>®</SUP> 3 Enclosed