Located in Fraser Michigan, MP PUMPS Inc. has been providing high quality centrifugal pumps for 75 years to the Industrial, Marine, Agricultural, Military and Transportation markets. Our brands include Flomax® self priming pumps; Chemflo® stainless steel end suction pumps; and Tempuflo hot oil pumps. We also provide a wide range of other products to meet your fluid handling needs.

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Introducing the MAX EB end gun booster pump for center pivot irrigation that is interchangeable with current competitive models. Our significant design improvements provide superior value, durability and performance. The MAX EB features a Baldor TEFC marine duty motor that is epoxy coated for superior rain damage resistance. The cast iron pump end is treated with Durakorr-the industries best wear and corrosion resistance available.

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Redesigned to provide a more robust and compact design. This has been achieved by relocating the barrier fluid accumulator onto the body of the pump creating: a more compact footprint, less plumbing eliminating connections, decreased system costs, and greater pump reliability.

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MP Pumps has re-designed the Chemflo® 1 housing allowing for the acceptance of both a semi-open and enclosed impeller. The enclosed impeller improves both the pressure capability, and pump efficiency by 15% over the semi-open impeller making it an ideal option when pumping fluids without large solids.

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Centrifugal Pumps

Click on the images or names below, to browse full product lines and view detailed information and specifications regarding each centrifugal pump that MP Pumps produces.

Flomax centrifugal pumpfmx-flomax-logo

Our signature self-priming fluid handling pump. Available in 316 stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and cast iron. Hydraulic and double seal models available. Pump line has options with up to 750 GPM.

Chemflo end suction self priming centrifugal pump

End suction centrifugal pump for corrosive hard to handle materials. Models available for up to 395 GPM

HTO tempuflo self priming centrifugal pump  tempuflo-txt

An end suction centrifugal pump designed for high-temperature applications. Durable seals make this pump perfect for applications in the plastic, food, chemical, and processing industries.

Petrolmaxx self priming centrifugal fuel pump  Untitled-1

A self-priming centrifugal pump designed to transfer diesel fuel, fuel oil, ethanol, E85, Jet Fuel, Biodiesel, Gasoline, and Kerosene. Available in cast iron, aluminum, and 316 SS.

MAX-EB-5HPIrrigationPumpthumb     MAX EB

The MAX EB is a high quality end gun booster pump for center pivot irrigation that is interchangeable with current competitive models.

HHLF-Flomax self priming centrifugal pump  hhl-flomax-txt

Our high head low flow FLOMAX line. Meets USCG specifications for auxiliary fire control.

Hydrasub centrifugal submersible pump   Hydrasub

Compact, lightweight, hydraulic, submersible pump. Made with a high strength aluminum alloy for optimum  corrosion resistance. Models available for up to 400 GPM.

Standard Centrifugal end suction centrifugal pump   Standard Centrifugal

End suction centrifugal pump close coupled to NEMA motors.








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